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You might use Xsitepro, maybe dreamweaver or even wordpress.com….it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing like having your own blog….that is a wordpress hosted blog on your domain. If you are going to be selling public domain products online you need to stay aware of the hottest and most effective products available….consider my comments below about wordpress.

Even if you love your Xsitepro program, you’ll find many advantages for adding a wordpress blog to your xsitepro website. I belong to a couple of memberships that teach about wordpress and one of the best is Active Blogging. I outlined some of the highpoints below, I urge you to incorporate a wordpress blog with your websites because it will attract search engine spiders like nothing you’ve ever witnessed. There’s another program on the horizon that will teach you everthing you wanted to know about using WordPress and Xsitepro…. make sure you check it out!

One of the most beneficial memberships I belong to is call Active Blogging. The createor, David Pankhurst packs some real value into the membership.

First if you couldn’t figure it out the membership covers various aspects of Blogging. In particular discussions and products are based around the wordpress platform.

I know there are many memberships covering wordpress but this one is unique in that every couple of months he provides a new plug in …and they aren’t cheap plugins you can find anyplace else. These are all original, in fact, the price of the membership is worth it if you just consider the plug ins.

For instance, this month Dave is giving his members the Easy Bulk Article Poster for WordPress plugin….a great plug in to have if you own some plr articles.

Speaking of plr articles, lately David has been giving away a pack of PLR articles each month for you to use as you see fit.

This month’s report also contains an aritlce on duplicate content, what it is, should you be afraid of it, how you can use it. The discussions about duplicate content are numerous you can pick up some great insights with Davids comments.

Mix Up Your WordPress Posts With Dave’s Easy Article Mixer! This month’s Member Plugin easily rearranges and publish articles, making it simple to automatically ’spread’ a large group of articles across a week, a month – or even longer! David discusses different ways to use this great plugin.

This month’s report contains more ideas, information and instructions on wordpress and internet marketing….stuff you won’t see elsewhere.


There is a blog you’ll have access to, and it isn’t like most membership blogs, David puts in effort to deliver valuable usable content to help make your blogging successful while helping you to make money.


There is a membership forum where you can post your questions about wordpress. I all honesty the forum isn’t really busy, however, anytime I have had a question about anything that involves wordpress I post it to the forum and David answers the question within 24 hours. It’s kind of like having your own personal wordpress tutor.


There is a video section with 100’s of videos that teach on various aspects of seo, wordpress or internet marketing. Like having your own teaching library.


More plugins than you can shake a stick at….all custom or cusomized plugins, I’m not sure how long they will all be available to new members.


There is a section of reports that covers special reports that David has written and sold elsewhere for $27 or more. Some reports he has gotten rights to but the material is excellent. Most cover wordpress secrets!

There are 3 levels of membership from free to platinum. I would suggest the Platinum membership because it will give you the most value for the dollar.

Like most items I promote, I usually will not promote or suggest anything I haven’t used, and The Active Blogging membership is something I belong to and have used for the last year or so and whole heartedly recommend it!

Don’t Forget to Check Out Xsitepro to WordPress

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