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Public Domain Bible Image Free Jonah and the Big Fish

I was reading Tony Laidig’s ebook The Easy Money Picture Project and thought about some of the different ways I might be able to use public domain images free.

Tony heritage goes back to the American Indian and in his book about public domain images he uses some old drawings for creating various products. In fact he takes some old low resolution images and uses photoshop to enhance the images in various ways to create some beautiful posters and prints. He actually shows you how to take a low resolution public domain image and increase the size so it can be printed as a poster….and next he discusses various ways to market the items. Really good stuff if you are looking for a way to make some extra cash online and you like working with images.

I found the about public domain image that is a reflection of the Old Testament Bible Story about Jonah and The Whale. I love the Bible and thanks to Tony Laidig’s book about Public Domain Images Free and how to use them, I’ve discovered a whole new wold of Bibilical Images in the Public Domain. I took the above image which is about 9 inches by 6 inches and doubled the size. I used photoshop to sharpen the image and can easily print it out on my HP 24″ printer…..and it looks great. My mind is spinning with ideas and different ways to use public domain images.

Easy Money Picture Project

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