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Holy cow….Googles Book Search has been a source of controversy since its inception. As usual, people think google is out to get them….but then google really delivered. I understand that they have once again changed stragegies regarding what can and can’t be downloaded. I’m going to have to do some further research to get a better understanding where they are at regarding public domain works and copyrighted materials.

Like the picture at the left, google book search…public domain and black holes are little understood.

I ran across a post that was an interesting discussing regarding public domain works and google book search, though you might appreciate the detail in this discussion.

Google Book Search, Orphan Works and the Public Domain

In most cases, books that were never renewed are now in the public domain. Estimates of how many books were renewed vary, but everyone agrees that most books weren’t renewed. If true, that means that the majority of US books published …

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