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3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Internet Marketing Profits

If you are trying to start a business selling public domain works on the internet, then you’ll need to learn and understand the fine art of Internet Marketing. By understanding some of the basic mechanics involved in internet marketing you can began to implement strategies that will increase your profit margins. Below you will find 3 simple tactics that are guaranteed to make you more money with your public domain business.

Don’t be fooled there is no easy cash in Internet Marketing. You know that’s true. Especially in the beginning. Even if there is no free lunch, internet marketing still can provide a comfortable life and the key is to get your business up and running and then optimize your efforts by doing a couple of things that will give you an increase of profits and earnings. Below you’ll find a few ideas that will get you started increasing your profits, use them wisely and they will serve you greatly.

Easy Profit Increase No. 1 – Start Affiliate Program

Do you know how many of the super successful internet marketers make their huge profits? They have their own affiliate program with 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of other marketers promoting their product. So if you don’t have an affiliate program for your product you are leaving a ton of cash on the table. Don’t worry if you don’t have an affiliate program and don’t have a panic attack at the thought of putting one together….it’s really pretty easy once you know how.

I’ll share to very quick ways you can start your own affiliate program, just go to either clickbank.com or paydotcom.com. These solutions have a lot of affiliates that can drive loads of extra sales to your site. Another thing is that most of the processes are fully automated which means you really spend little time messing around with the affiliate program. Some internet marketers use both of these solutions because of their unique properties and their low cost.

Easy Profit Increase No. 2 – Create An Upsell

This technique allows you to capitalize on your existing traffic by a one time website edit and you can rake in the profits at each sale. There are many ways to create an upsell. You can offer an interview with an expert from your field, include or offer a more expensive ebook or even tempt the buyer with a software application of script that would be of tremendous benefit. Remember they have their credit card out and are in the buying mood.

Easy Profit Increase No. 3 – Offer A Related Affiliate Product On The Thank You Page

You Visitor became a buyer. That means they trusted you with their credit card. You’ve become the expert. So….take advantage of their trust and tell them they also need product XYZ, and give them the affiliate link on your Thank You Page…..they will thank you 🙂 You’ll really increase your profits with this method. Many successful marketers really clean up by properly using their thank you pages. Put some thought into it and find a product that fits…don’t be afraid to try an expensive upsell on this important piece of real estate.

I just revealed to you some of the most fundamental ways of increasing your profits. The only thing left for you to do is to implement at least one of these strategies…..I guarantee that you will burst with excitement with your first upsell! So…be a good internet marketer and take action, it’s the only thing between you and more money!!

Internet Marketing is fun and profitable. The most important thing is to continually educate yourself. I belong to a membership site called Earn1KaDay that is filled with great members and mentors. You can find tools, ebooks and just about everything you need to start developing an online income.

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public domain books on advertising, selling and copywriting

public domain books on advertising, selling and copywriting

Are you interested in copywriting and advertising?

Some of the best books written on salesmanship, advertising, selling and copy writing are books that are now in the public domain.

Click on Public Domain Advertising Books and get ready to be amazed!

These are books and pamphlets that are in the public domain, you can do some research and see if you can find a copy or your can transcribe or maybe record these books into your own products. How about taking a snippet from one book….a snippet from another and create your own book.

You can send me a donation for this….because this find could make your a fortune in your own public domain business.

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The Public Domain Plan...Making Money with Public Domain

The Public Domain Plan...Making Money with Public Domain

Right now I’m reading “The Public Domain Plan”.

Last week was a busy week, trying to catch up on some reading, installing scripts, building websites and creating graphics….and as always I was on the look for more public domain products and looking for ways to make additional money with public domain works.

I came across a book called The Public Domain Income Plan and I just started getting into it. So far it looks like one of the better books on exactly how to make money with public domain materials. This is a husband and wife team that only started a couple years ago and are making a steady $100,000 plus a year!!!! That’s pretty cool!

I’ll finish reading it this week and report back….but I can tell you ahead of time. Each time I read of one man’s story of success with public domain, it differs a little than anyone else doing the same thing. So…in essence the idea is to pick the most profitable fruit from each book or course and put a public domain business together that suits you, your market, your area, and your lifestyle. So I can honestly say that I haven’t found any book that I’ve purchased about public domain totally worthless…..this one though, looks like a gold mine!

I learned a long time ago, if you want success, find someone who is already doing it and if you are lucky, find out how he/she is making it happen and just duplicate their efforts. If that person offers to be a mentor…you’re even in more luck.

So…I would say, grab a copy of The Public Domain Income Plan……give it a read and take notes. Start to compile in your head and on paper what you want to do, which direction you want to go and what type of income you’d like to make.

Best of Luck to You!


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