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Today you’re in luck, I’m going to share one of my secret public domain tools with you.


One of my most effective public domain tools is my Mother!

My mother is a consumate shopaholic, she lives to shop.I think my father thought mom was borderline when it came to buying stuff, if it was a bargin mom had to have it. So…garage sales, open markets, rummage sales, church fund raisers….you name it, my mother stops by looking for the ultimate bargin.

Public Domain Tool of the Day

Are you working with Public Domain Images…..do you think you’re a Public Domain Expert and know everything there is to know about Public Domain Images…..well…you don’t! Take a look at Tony Laidig’s The Easy Money Picture Book it’s like an encyclopedia on the subject of Public Domain Images…you’ll be amazed.


My mother surely didn’t raise a fool!

Well considering mom’s ability to get out and check the local stock, I recognized a possible business relationship could be formed…so I told mom about public domain materials and a little on how they work and what you can do with them. It was a major business plan. I said, “Mom, when you’re out, keep an eye out for old books…don’t spend more than a buck or two and if you feel like looking for a copyright, don’t let anything get by you that has a copyright of 1928 or latter. If the book has pictures and images….you can pay up to 5 dollars for it.

Well…it’s garage sale season and my mother and my wife are out looking for old public domain postcards, pictures, books, maps and any other printed work! I haven’t been feeling too well so I don’t get a chance to get out much…probably a good thing, since I’d probably end up spending more than I made 🙂 Anyway, mom brought me an old geography text book from 1923, lots of great black and white photos and several colored plates that were graphics. I have 2 specific projects in mind…and no I’m not sharing them with you :)…anyway, these images will fit perfectly into one of the projects.

After reading Tony Laidig’s, Tony Laidig’s, “The Easy Money Picture Book” a light bulb went on regarding public domain images. You really need to get this book, it’s a little more expensive than the typical ebook however, it’s just packed with solid public domain content and information and I believe it’s over 230 pages long. This book has been the seed for many thoughts regarding many projects conerning the use of public domain images and my mind is constantly reeling with ideas for projects of all kinds.

Getting back to the geography book that mom picked up. Let’s not forget about the text. Although some if it is dated, much of it can be used for articles and website content either as is or with a little rewriting. I guarantee that this public domain content is as pure as the driven snow and I won’t find any of it on the web anyplace….so no duplicate content!

Imagine all that from one little old book.

I hope you make the best of this summer in your hunt for public domain materials. It’s June 12th, we didn’t have much of a spring..but summer is here…..Let the Public Domain races begin 🙂

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