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The Public Domain Plan...Making Money with Public Domain

The Public Domain Plan...Making Money with Public Domain

Right now I’m reading “The Public Domain Plan”.

Last week was a busy week, trying to catch up on some reading, installing scripts, building websites and creating graphics….and as always I was on the look for more public domain products and looking for ways to make additional money with public domain works.

I came across a book called The Public Domain Income Plan and I just started getting into it. So far it looks like one of the better books on exactly how to make money with public domain materials. This is a husband and wife team that only started a couple years ago and are making a steady $100,000 plus a year!!!! That’s pretty cool!

I’ll finish reading it this week and report back….but I can tell you ahead of time. Each time I read of one man’s story of success with public domain, it differs a little than anyone else doing the same thing. So…in essence the idea is to pick the most profitable fruit from each book or course and put a public domain business together that suits you, your market, your area, and your lifestyle. So I can honestly say that I haven’t found any book that I’ve purchased about public domain totally worthless…..this one though, looks like a gold mine!

I learned a long time ago, if you want success, find someone who is already doing it and if you are lucky, find out how he/she is making it happen and just duplicate their efforts. If that person offers to be a mentor…you’re even in more luck.

So…I would say, grab a copy of The Public Domain Income Plan……give it a read and take notes. Start to compile in your head and on paper what you want to do, which direction you want to go and what type of income you’d like to make.

Best of Luck to You!


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I don’t pretent to know everything about public domain resources. In fact, my knowledge just scratches the surface and whenever I run across useful information I’ll try and make it available to you in this blog.

My purpose is to get you the information you need to start making money online with public domain materials. I also want to show you how to make your websites profitable, by that I mean things like search engine optimization (SE0), website traffic, website design, social marketing and other concepts like web 2.0….basically, you need traffic to your websites and you need to be able to convert that traffic so you can sell your goods and/or services. So….in that light, whenever I find something that could point you in the right direction I’ll include it in this blog…Public Domain Money.

Remember all you have to do is pick up one idea or concept from anything you read, watch or hear…and most importantly act on that bit of information and you’ll move forward in your online interests and business. All to often people buy an ebook or some course expecting it to be a life changing read….when in reality, it is the culmination of ideas that will make you successful. Once again, it won’t matter how much you learn….you have to act on what you learn!

Getting back to pubic domain resources, I ran across a blog post that had some good suggestions, you might like to check it out at:

Public Domain Can Make You Millions

The opportunity is huge for making money with products available in the public domain which is the main reason I’ve put together this expanded section for you to learn from.

Where is public domain content available? There are literally millions of creative work-books, music, music scores, films, photographs, artwork, images, and much more that exist in the public domain. But if they’re so public, why are they hiding?

The short answer is: they aren’t. There are a multitude of well-known works that people don’t realize are now considered public property. From classic literature to non-fiction works on a wide variety of topics; silent films, classic movies, vintage cartoons and beloved songs; even some instantly recognizable artwork and images can be found in the public domain…………….

I found this particularly internets (scott parat)

public domain images and resourcesA few of the many public domain resource sites available:

Classic Book Library: A free online library featuring literary and genre novels in the public domain, from authors such as Jules Verne, L. M. Montgomery, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Viewable chapter by chapter in HTML.

Project Gutenberg: An enormous collection of novels, non-fiction books and other written work in the public domain, all available free in downloadable e-book format.

RetroFilm -com: Provides a catalogue of public domain movies, television shows, cartoons, musicals, documentaries and more. The site serves television broadcast companies and does not provide copies of film footage for individuals, but it is a great place to find titles which you can then track down a copy of elsewhere.

Public Domain Report: The site of a monthly newsletter that reveals significant works as they enter the public domain. Each issue features selections and samples from a variety of medium, at least one new book, film, play, song, image, and children’s work are included every month, from well-known authors, artists and creators like Dorothy Parker and George Gershwin. A one-year subscription will set you back $395, but for those who don’t have the time or inclination to do extensive research themselves, it is an excellent source of fresh material.

Public Libraries

Libraries are an excellent and free resource for finding public domain material. Pick a subject that interests you and scan the shelves for older books relating to the topic, or spend an afternoon browsing through the card catalogue. Most of the time, the publication date is right near the beginning of the listing on the card, so identifying works published before 1923 is a simple matter.

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public domain images and photographicsAre you looking for free public domain images and photographs?

As a graphic designer I create a lot of website graphics…such as header graphics, ebook covers, virtual software boxes and CD/DVD virtual images. The header graphic on this blog was created with free public domain images.

Although there are plenty of sites that feature free photographs or images for less than $5.00 per image for graphic designers to use, the license is usually limited to a one time use. This means that if I create a header graphic or say a website template that includes some of the free photographs from these sites, I can sell the template, header or any image I create using these images to my prospective client……but I cannot sell them the rights to resell that image.

Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal since most of my work is for individual clients. But if I wanted to create a set of website templates, headers of virtual ebook or software boxes to promote and sell with resell rights, I could not use images from these free sites or low cost images. I would have to spend 100’s or dollars per image or spend 1000’s of dollars for a collection….and even then I will be limited to distribution. The rights included with these photo collections can be quite confusing to say the least!

Well…..you guessed it. Free Public Domain Images and Photographs to the rescue. There are at least 2 ways that an image can fall into the public domain. By the way, The Easy Money Picture Book is a thorough discussion of how to find, use and profit from public domain images and I highly recommend it. It’s become my bible for working with public domain image!free public domain images and photographs

The first way an image can become a public domain image is by following all the legal requirements for any material to become part of the public domain and you can learn more about the how a work enters the public domain by clicking on that link. Or go to Public Domain Facts for a quick overview on dates and copyright renewal requirements when considering if a work is in the public domain.

The other way an image or any other work can become part of the public domain is if the author or creator waives his copyright to the work and grants to works into the public domain. If you find this image on the web then you are granted free use of the author/creator’s material. creative commons public domain rights image (sample and does not apply to this site)You can do anything you want with it, sell it, use all or part, claim ownership….sometimes there are limitations so read the fine print and show the original owner the respect he is due. Finally if it’s a website, be kind and give the guy a link from your site.

I found some images at a site called Free Artistic Images and I think there are currently 122 images which are conveniently categorized making it easy to find what you want. The image sizes are perfect for use on web related graphics and as far as I can tell…you can do anything you’d like with these images. Remember if you use them, give the website a link back from one of your sites…..spread the link love 🙂

Well….I hope that helps you in your search for free public domain photographs and images. Use these images in creating your own public domain goldmine and start making some public domain money!

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