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public domain images ancient warriorsOnce you get the public domain itch, you’ll begin to see public domain material all over. At garage sales, grandma’s garage, the cottage, your old church basement, maybe an old school and I could go on and on.

One problem you’ll run across in your hunt for public domain material is that you’ll begin to wonder if this or that item is in the public domain. Here’s a page the will give you some general information on what is in and what is out of the public domain. Click on Public Domain Resources.

Finding Public Domain Material can be a little tricky, keep reading this blog, follow the links and you’ll find some of the secrets of public domain research. You’ll also discover where and how to get public domain tools. Make sure you sign up for the free public domain report, and I’ll continue to send relevant information about how to find pubic domain material and how to use it to make a great online income.

Another place you could go is Ebay. You’ll find all kinds of items scatter throughout ebay that are in the public domain. Here’s a quick page on Ebay Auctions in Public Domain.

Happy Hunting 🙂

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