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Start a Business Using Public Domain Material

Start a Business Using Public Domain Material

One of the most fun and exciting parts about working with public domain and using public domain works to make money is finding and uncovering new sources for public domain works.

Everybody likes free and that’s part of the attraction when working with public domain sources. And finding a new public domain source can be a lot of fun. In fact you can spend hours on a new public domain source even if it only has a couple of links.

That’s because one public domain link leads to another public domain link and it becomes like a rabbit hole that you can get lost in.

I found one of those old public domain sources, this fellow doesn’t upgrade it and it looks like its been around for 10 years or so, but there is a good link for christian public domain stuff, some great government sites that are in the public domain and a nice list of sources for public domain links having to do with literature…..and a lot more.

A lot of the links are dead…..but the ones that are left I’ve not seen before. Most of the hard work in public domain is turning up these resources. If you want a great resource that will show you how to make money with public domain materials and give up a ton of great sources click on Public Domain Workbook! and Public Domain Income Plan

Here’s the link to that I talked above about Public Domain Sources.

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