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Uncover A Goldmine of FREE Blog Content

Uncover A Goldmine of FREE Blog Content

Looking for blog content?

Look no further….Tony Laidig has come up with another winner called “Limitless Blog Content” and reveals how to find relevant niche related blogging content to fit just about any niche.

Read further to find out more.

=> Blogs are a BIG deal. <=

If you don’t have one (or several), you’re missing out on
one of the smartest online business strategies that exists
online today. Here’s why. With your own blog(s), you can:

=> Create passive streams of income through affiliate sales,
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=> Establish yourself as an expert (which increases

=> Get your website indexed quickly by Google (which means
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=> Manage and update your websites quickly (which saves
time and effort)

=> Interact with your customers and subscribers (which
increases loyalty)

=> Quickly post content from a variety of sources,
including video (which provides flexibility)

=> Benefit from the power of the Social Bookmarking and
Networking Sites (which means even more traffic)

=> And a lot more…

Limitless Blog Content

The challenge is (and this may be what’s been stopping you)
that you need CONTENT for these blogs. If you’re a prolific
writer on multiple topics…content is NOT an issue. However,
chances are that you’re not a prolific writer.

Of course, you COULD purchase a bunch of PLR articles for
your niche blog…God knows everyone seems to be selling
them. But you see, that’s part of the problem. How many
OTHER people will be posting the SAME articles? Google
HATES duplicate content!

Ghosterwriters are an option. Let’s see…one post a day
times thirty days a month times $10 an article…well…
maybe not. Of course, if you have DEEP pockets of cash,
this might be the way to go (BTW…I have some great swamp
land in Florida…lots of opportunities…wink).

Limitless Blog Content

This exact problem stopped me in my tracks for creating
niche blogs. There are some great affiliate products out
there I wanted to promote as well as finally making some
cash from Adsense…but the content was always an issue.
Then I made a discovery that changed everything.

NOW, I have more content than I’ll EVER be able to use
for my niche blogs. It’s proven content written by
leaders in their fields of expertise. Plus, the content
costs just pennies for dozens of articles! And here is
the best part…

I can use the content for my blogs, for articles, for
product creation and more without worrying about
competition and I look like the EXPERT!

This powerful new content model was discovered and
developed by my good friend, Tony Laidig, and it’s
called “Limitless Blog Content” To learn more about
this powerful new source for content, go to the address
below and start your OWN money-making niche blogs today!

Limitless Blog Content

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Holy cow….Googles Book Search has been a source of controversy since its inception. As usual, people think google is out to get them….but then google really delivered. I understand that they have once again changed stragegies regarding what can and can’t be downloaded. I’m going to have to do some further research to get a better understanding where they are at regarding public domain works and copyrighted materials.

Like the picture at the left, google book search…public domain and black holes are little understood.

I ran across a post that was an interesting discussing regarding public domain works and google book search, though you might appreciate the detail in this discussion.

Google Book Search, Orphan Works and the Public Domain

In most cases, books that were never renewed are now in the public domain. Estimates of how many books were renewed vary, but everyone agrees that most books weren’t renewed. If true, that means that the majority of US books published …

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I thought this could be helpful for anyone trying to determine the public domain status of certain unpublished and unregistered works. The article is from www.copywrite.gov and discusses the dates, authors and when an unpublished work would enter the public domain. You might want to print this one out 🙂

January 13, 2003

Certain Unpublished, Unregistered Works Enter Public Domain

Certain works that were neither published nor registered for copyright as of Jan. 1, 1978, entered the public domain on Jan. 1, 2003, unless the works were published on or before Dec. 31, 2002.

Under the 1909 Copyright Act, works that were neither published nor registered did not enjoy statutory protection, although they were protected under common law in perpetuity as long as they remained unpublished and unregistered. But under section 303 of the 1976 Copyright Act, works that were created but neither published nor registered in the Copyright Office before Jan. 1, 1978, lost their common law protection and acquired a statutory term of protection that was the life of the author plus 50 years, amended in 1998 to life plus 70 years.

As a result of the 1976 Copyright Act, any of the works in question whose author had died over 50 years prior to 1978 would have entered the public domain after Dec. 31, 1977. To provide a reasonable term of copyright protection for these works, and in light of the fact that these works had enjoyed perpetual protection under common law, Congress extended their term by at least 25 more years. Congress also encouraged publication by providing an additional 25 more years, extended in 1998 to 45 more years, of protection if the work was published on or before Dec. 31, 2002.

That first 25-year period expired on Dec. 31, 2002. Any work that was neither published nor registered as of Jan. 1, 1978, and whose author died before 1933 entered the public domain on Jan. 1, 2003, unless it was published on or before Dec. 31, 2002. If the author died in 1933 or later, the work will be protected for 70 years after the author’s death, due to the passage of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act in 1998.

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Here’s a great way of Using Public Domain Images with some further discussion on public domain issues, rights…do’s and don’ts.

If you are looking at different ways to use public domain images and how start a business at home using public domain images then you really need to take a look at the “Easy Money Picture Project”

There are many different ways to use public domain images. You are virtually limited to your imagination take a look and see how Vanessa Alexander uses public domain images.

Use Public Domain Images

Public Domain images are a good source when you need to post daily or at least regularly. Images, and photos can add a special touch to your post that helps to break the monotony of viewing text. It’s not that your posts are boring, …

There ya go, use public domain images in blog posts to create some eye catching posts!

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Easy Money Picture Project

Best Ways for Using Public Domain in “The Easy Money Picture Project”

I just finished reading a brand-new ebook that is forcing me to re-consider the types of products I create. My “former” good friend Tony (the Public Domain Expert) just blew up all my crazy views about creating image-based products.

The public domain expert show how to make money with public domain images

My love for public domain images has kept me on a continual hunt for different methods of using public domain images to make some extra cash.

As I soon found out, finding quality public domain images could really prove frustration, but this new book, Easy Money Picture Project by Tony Laidig really opened my eyes!

I didn’t spend much time with pd images because I figured it was just another rabbit trail…no money.

I was cynical about Public Domain and thought that this was just another pile of crap… The public domain expert proved me wrong!
Working with Public Domain Images using the “Easy Money Picture Project”
Yep, here’s the sales pitch…but I would never lead you wrong and I can’t come up with the words that would express how badly I think you should check out working with Public Domain Images by purchaseing the “Easy Money Picture Project”
Working with Public Domain Images using the “Easy Money Picture Project”

You wouldn’t believe how many ways you can use public domain images to make some extra cash! I’ve been online for over 5 years and started off studying public domain and became fascinated by it, however, there are few guides that tell you exactly what to do to create products or projects that will help you develop an income….keep reading because the below ebook is over 170 pages and should be kept a secret! After studying public domain, I was shocked to see how many books in the larger bookstores are actually public domain material that is printed exactly as it was a hundred years ago….or even government publications that are free but being sold by some publisher. You can do the same with images….this guide shows you how. I found the perfect resource describing how to use public domain images for making some extra money, this book is called “Easy Money Picture Project”

Don’t know where to start with Public Domain….get “Easy Money Picture Project”

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