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Are you collecting Public Domain Works, Images, Magazines or Books….I wanted to talk about scanning. I don’t have time to go into any great detail but anyone working with public domain should be familiar with at least 2 ways of capturing public domain information on your own.

hubble telescopeYou do know that you can always hire out scanning of any documents you have…don’t you 🙂

Well, if you can hire out scanning, you can do your own scanning. If the book or magazine is in good enough shape you can scan it and you don’t need to scan in a high resolution if there are no graphics involved. Next you can convert the image directly into a pdf or you can use some optical recognition software to covert the scanned text into a word document….I’ll talk more on this in another post.

If you’re dealing with images, photographs or graphics you can obviously do the same thing. You can scan the public domain images however you really need to scan the images at a much higher resolution. Often times if you use a high resolution on a smaller image, you can enlarge that image for a totally new look.

A scanner is bascially a digital camera set up to operate in a special way. So…..you can use your digital camera to capture all types of books, magazines, graphics, photographs and other images. The key is to keep the image flat as possible and play around with the lighting to make sure it works correctly with the image or text you are trying to capture.

The flash from a camera will work in a pinch, but you should be familiar with how to use it most effectively….so when you’re in a library, bookstore etc. you can grab a good copy of whatever your photographing.

I found the camera most useful with images…but that’s because I really like public domain images. Taking a picture with a 8, 10 or 12 mega pixel camera will give you detail that you cannot see, because there is so much information packed in that photograph you will be able to enlarge any small image or photograph significantly and create some really cool looking 8×10’s or larger images.

You will have to use photoshop or whatever editor you’re using to play around and clean up the image, but the work will be very rewarding. I challenge you to play around with your digital camera and see what type of result you might be able to get 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Tony Laidig’s, The Easy Money Picture Project for a more thorough discussion of public domain images.

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