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You really need to be creative when thinking about public domain works. If you want to create a product from public domain materials, you really need to let your mind wonder. Think outside the box!

Sometimes you can combine one, two, three or more different types of public domain works. I mean you might consider combining a public domain book and public domain movie. Keep in mind your audience or target market and what your ultimate goal will be.

Here’s a quick idea.

Take an except from the Constitution of the United States….you do realize this document is in the public domain don’t you 🙂 …..no need to do any public domain research so far. Anyway, maybe you want to sell reprints or want to specifically target one aspect of the constitution and talk about it’s meaning.

Now maybe you want to advertise your product with a movie….lets go to YouTube. Look what I found, “Barney Fife and the Preamble of the Constitution.

I believe The Andy Griffith Show is in the public domain, you might want to check on this first. A good resource is The Public Domain Code Book.

Combining an old show like The Andy Griffith Show with the Constitution would definitely appeal to a specific audience 🙂

Just a though, I ran across the movie a couple of days ago and thought about how I might use it, sometimes the ideas you come up with are worth a goldmine….sometimes, well….they just need to be filed!

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