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Uncover A Goldmine of FREE Blog Content

Uncover A Goldmine of FREE Blog Content

Looking for blog content?

Look no further….Tony Laidig has come up with another winner called “Limitless Blog Content” and reveals how to find relevant niche related blogging content to fit just about any niche.

Read further to find out more.

=> Blogs are a BIG deal. <=

If you don’t have one (or several), you’re missing out on
one of the smartest online business strategies that exists
online today. Here’s why. With your own blog(s), you can:

=> Create passive streams of income through affiliate sales,
Adsense, banner ads and more (which means more money)

=> Establish yourself as an expert (which increases

=> Get your website indexed quickly by Google (which means
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=> Manage and update your websites quickly (which saves
time and effort)

=> Interact with your customers and subscribers (which
increases loyalty)

=> Quickly post content from a variety of sources,
including video (which provides flexibility)

=> Benefit from the power of the Social Bookmarking and
Networking Sites (which means even more traffic)

=> And a lot more…

Limitless Blog Content

The challenge is (and this may be what’s been stopping you)
that you need CONTENT for these blogs. If you’re a prolific
writer on multiple topics…content is NOT an issue. However,
chances are that you’re not a prolific writer.

Of course, you COULD purchase a bunch of PLR articles for
your niche blog…God knows everyone seems to be selling
them. But you see, that’s part of the problem. How many
OTHER people will be posting the SAME articles? Google
HATES duplicate content!

Ghosterwriters are an option. Let’s see…one post a day
times thirty days a month times $10 an article…well…
maybe not. Of course, if you have DEEP pockets of cash,
this might be the way to go (BTW…I have some great swamp
land in Florida…lots of opportunities…wink).

Limitless Blog Content

This exact problem stopped me in my tracks for creating
niche blogs. There are some great affiliate products out
there I wanted to promote as well as finally making some
cash from Adsense…but the content was always an issue.
Then I made a discovery that changed everything.

NOW, I have more content than I’ll EVER be able to use
for my niche blogs. It’s proven content written by
leaders in their fields of expertise. Plus, the content
costs just pennies for dozens of articles! And here is
the best part…

I can use the content for my blogs, for articles, for
product creation and more without worrying about
competition and I look like the EXPERT!

This powerful new content model was discovered and
developed by my good friend, Tony Laidig, and it’s
called “Limitless Blog Content” To learn more about
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Limitless Blog Content

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Check monthly searches on civil war map ….you’ll find

civil war map 1732
map of civil war 260
civil war battle map 194
map of the civil war 169
map of civil war battles 162
image usa map 1864 including civil war divisionspng 132
civil war battles map 106
american civil war map 88
map of north and south of the civil war 88
image usa map 1864 including civil war divisions.png 81
civil war 1861 1865 map 81
map civil war 74
map of the united states during the civil war 71
spanish civil war map 62
map of the north during the civil war 57
civil war states map 55
map ga civil war 54
map of civil war states 50
us civil war map 46
map of major civil war battles 43
1861 american civil war map 43
russian civil war map 40

I think you’d agree that it’s a good size niche with many long tailed keywords. The key to marketing online successfully is picking a proper niche market and promoting the proper product and/or service to that market. Notice the difference between “civil war map” with 1732 searches a month and “map of civil war” with 260 searches a month.

I use a tool called Micro Niche Finder to dig up long tailed keywords with little competition. Different tools will give you different results. I don’t think there is a way to get an exact number since each search engine is different, however, the concept of digging up profitable niches using a keyword tool like Micro Niche Finder is accurate.

Micro Niche Finder for Long Tailed Keywords

For instance Micro Niche Finder tells me that ‘civil war map’ is searched on 33,720 times a month and there are 50,100 websites with that exact keyword phrase. Keep in mind that the number 33,720 includes any phrase that includes the words “civil” “war” and “map” in any order. Competing with 50,000 websites is quite a chore…not undoable, but you would really have to know what you’re doing to get on the front page of google.

A better strategy is to look for a long tailed keyword with a search count of between 200 and 5000 a month for that phrase and is only present on a low number of websites….which in a way is relative to the monthly search count. Less than 10,000 is good, 500 to 2000 is even better and you can find yourself on page one with little effort.

For instance, I used Micro Niche Finder to dig up this term “civil war battle maps” There are 2700 searches a month for that term and 2,910 websites that are indexed for that term. That means if I can get on page one of Google I get almost 3,000 eyes on my site each month. If I can convert 2% of those visits that would be 60 sales a month!

Remember, there are only 3000 websites indexed with the term “civil war battle maps“. If you use some basic seo practices, write some articles, create a mini-net with free blogs and do some social networking you CAN get yourself on page one of Google.

Now lets assume, you’ve done the seo, written articles, do some social bookmarketing, submit to directories and create a network of blogs with some articles…..it’s going to take some time to get ranked for the the term in question. So…..no it’s time to create a product.

Let’s find a Civil War Battle Map and if you click on that link….you’ll find some civil war maps!

Working with Public Domain ImagesAssuming you’ve decided on a special Map of the Civil War, let’s create a poster of it. Before you can do that you need to download the civil war map of your choice, but you have to know which format to use and you need some special software to view the image and start working with it. This software is free….but that’s all I’m going to tell you at this point. Tony Laidig, in his book, “The Easy Money Picture Project” gives specific details when it comes to working with public domain images, and if you take the information I’ve given you above along with Micro Niche Finder Pro and Tony’s Public Domain Image book you’ll be able to create a top notch product and begin making some public domain money!

I forgot to mention, if you’d like to see how Micro Niche Finder works, click on the link and you can watch a video of the software digging up some long tailed keywords…no cost!

Ok I just handed you a niche which is statistically proven, given you a strategy for getting on page one of google and told you the exact tools to use in the entire process. What are you waiting for! Click those links, get your credit card out and get started. Once you have to the tools, you’ll have the ability to dig deep into the world of public domain images and in particular you can make a civil war battle map calender or poster!

Shoot….just gave you another project idea 🙂

Easy Money Picture Project

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