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I’m constantly amazed at the wealth of material online that is free. Public Domain is just another way to say “Free”, however, it doesn’t matter how much you know about public domain, if you can’t get website traffic then you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

I won’t talk about all the strategies for generating traffic but I just wanted to point out one of the best…that is YouTube.com…..If you aren’t using YouTube to drive traffic to your site then you are missing the boat.

Truth is, the hardest part about using YouTube is getting started. Like anything else in life, once you figure out what and how to put up your first video….the sky is the limit. There are so many possibilities. You can use public domain movies, you can use public domain images and put together a review of your product or service….much to much for me to talk about it. But I did want you to start thinking about using video for getting your blogposts and websites ranked on the first page of google.

I found a site that has accumulated a whole group of great resources for using YouTube. I found information for the beginner and for the more advanced, such as getting a better quality video, more traffic etc.

The Definitive YouTube Resource List

Wikipedia’s massive lists of movies in public domain. Archive.org Archive’s Moving Images library of free movies, films, and videos. Public Domain Torrents Download classic and b-movies here. Free Video Stock Footage Resources Online …

Now….once you start cranking out some videos there are several services that are free and some you pay for. As usual, typically a paid service can be the best. What these services do is take your single video and automatically submit it to 20, 30. 50 video submission sites and it can be your ultimate traffic tool…anyway after reading the suggested post, come back and click on the banner below.

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