I found a post on the warrior forum covering some public domain resources that I wasn’t familiar with….. the original author makes his living selling public domain products, so…..he knows what he’s doing? You’ll find some good stuff below.

I was asked what online sources I use to find public domain works so I figured I’d write a post so everyone can have the list.

Library of Congress – The Library of Congress has two sources of digital materials you can access. Materials include books, videos, maps, images, handwritten documents, sheet music and much more. Check out Digital Collections & Programs (Library of Congress) and American Memory from the Library of Congress – Home Page to se ethe 100s of collections they have available for you to freely use.

Note: Most of the materials in the Library of Congress digital collections is in the public domain but some of it is not. Each collection has annotations to help you make this determination.

Archive.orghttp://www.archive.org is a massive archive of books, film clips, movies, tv shows, music and other audio and software. There are millions of items available at archive.org but only a portion of them are in the public domain. The rest are posted under various creative license restrictions. You should read the license on a work. Many allow you to use them under certain conditions.

The Library of Economics and LibertyBooks | Library of Economics and Liberty is a great collection of books on economics and economic theory by the old masters.

The Online Books PageThe Online Books Page contains links to over 30,000 books in a variety of topics.

Self Help Booksfree self help books online & free spiritual ebooks for prosperous living to download offers a small collection of self help books plus links to many additional repositories.

Ibiblioibiblio.org – Tibet a source of sources – offering links to many archives on the web in a large variety of topics.

Project GutenbergFree eBooks by Project Gutenberg offers more than 20000 books for you to use. Most of the books are classical fiction but there are some treasures buried in their pages.

The Free LibraryNews, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Reference Articles and Classic Books – Free Online Library offers a massive collection of books, articles and periodicals

International Children’s Library http://www.icdlbooks.org/books/index.html contains a massive number of children’s books.

Internet Public Libraryhttp://www.ipl.org/div/subject/browse/hum60.60.00/ offers a collection of links to a diverse set of literature in the public domain.

Remember – not all works in the above stated references are in the public domain. As with any material, you should conduct your own research to verify that the work is indeed in the public domain. (You can learn how to do this at U.S. Copyright Office)

Public Domain Search Entities

While knowing hundreds of places where you can find public domain materials is a great way to find more items than you can use in three lifetimes, there are times you need to find specific items. This section discusses various search specialized facilities that can help you locate that special public domain piece you need to complete your projects.

When I need to search for public domain materials, I always start with standard google searches and I’d say 8 out of 10 times I find what I’m looking for. But for those other two times, I rely on other specialized search locations to find what I need.

Here is a list of specialized search tools that you can use.


Lets start with google. Google is actually a large number of search engines. In addition to the default search engine, there are two others that I use on a regular basis to conduct my public domain searches.

The first is the google U.S. Government search at <Unclesam> – Google Search. Searching here will limit the results to just government entities. It is a great way to find public domain materials because almost everything that is returned is in the public domain. There is one caveat however. In addition to the federal government, it will return state and local government information as well. And since state and local government materials are probably copyrighted, you need to pay attention to the sources you are examining.

The second google search is the google book search at Google Books. This is an excellent source for finding books that are probably in the public domain. Using Google Books – Books Help will give you more details on what you can do with google’s book search and its functions. A quick tip is to select “full view only” when doing your searches.

This returns only books you can read in their entirety online and many of them are public domain works. (As with any public domain work, you should do your own research to verify that this is the case.)

W3 Search Engines

While not a search engine, WWW-VL: W3 Search Engines – Internet search engines, website tools, Hilltop search engine, anti-spyware, web site SEO, search engine optimization, Laughead Web should be in everyone’s public domain bookmarks folder. This page is like a who’s who of search engines, technologies and search techniques. Invest a bit of time perusing the knowledge here and you will soon be a top notch search engine specialist – able to hunt down the most elusive bits of information quickly and easily.

Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library is a huge compendium of links to sources of online books, many of which are in the public domain. ipl2: Information You Can Trust will get you there.

Twenty Public Domain Ebook Sites

20+ Places for Public Domain E-Books is a great jumping off point to twenty sources of public domain ebooks. It is a great starting point to find tons of already digitized and ready to use books covering a wide variety of topics.

Used Book Sites

There are two great sites that sell used and antiquarian books from a huge variety of booksellers all over the world. These sites allow you to find books from ancient times to modern and have a variety of search facilities that let you perform data range searches. This allows you to tell them to only return older books.

There is no guarantee that any books returned by these sites are in the public domain. You will need to research that fact yourself. And these are also all physical books so if you find a book you need for a project, you would need to get it into digital form yourself. But a lot of times you can find just the right book for your project at a surprisingly low price.

Check out

AbeBooks Official Site – New & Used Books, New & Used Textbooks, Rare & Out of Print Books and Alibris: Used Books, Used Textbooks, Rare & Out-of-Print Books. When using these sites, be sure to use the advanced search function so you can control the date range for the books returned to help limit the amount of searching you need to do through the returned listings.

U.S. Government Search/Portal Sites
Since most of what is available from the U.S. Government is in the public domain, it is good to know a few entry points into the vast maze of their online collections. Here are several that we use:

Last but certainly not least is the World Public Library at World Public Library Association. It costs just $8.95 per year but offers a huge search archive. It is well worth the small investment

This list is nowhere close to a comprehensive list but I hope you all find it useful.

You might use Xsitepro, maybe dreamweaver or even wordpress.com….it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing like having your own blog….that is a wordpress hosted blog on your domain. If you are going to be selling public domain products online you need to stay aware of the hottest and most effective products available….consider my comments below about wordpress.

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There is a blog you’ll have access to, and it isn’t like most membership blogs, David puts in effort to deliver valuable usable content to help make your blogging successful while helping you to make money.


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There is a video section with 100’s of videos that teach on various aspects of seo, wordpress or internet marketing. Like having your own teaching library.


More plugins than you can shake a stick at….all custom or cusomized plugins, I’m not sure how long they will all be available to new members.


There is a section of reports that covers special reports that David has written and sold elsewhere for $27 or more. Some reports he has gotten rights to but the material is excellent. Most cover wordpress secrets!

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Don’t Forget to Check Out Xsitepro to WordPress

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3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Internet Marketing Profits

If you are trying to start a business selling public domain works on the internet, then you’ll need to learn and understand the fine art of Internet Marketing. By understanding some of the basic mechanics involved in internet marketing you can began to implement strategies that will increase your profit margins. Below you will find 3 simple tactics that are guaranteed to make you more money with your public domain business.

Don’t be fooled there is no easy cash in Internet Marketing. You know that’s true. Especially in the beginning. Even if there is no free lunch, internet marketing still can provide a comfortable life and the key is to get your business up and running and then optimize your efforts by doing a couple of things that will give you an increase of profits and earnings. Below you’ll find a few ideas that will get you started increasing your profits, use them wisely and they will serve you greatly.

Easy Profit Increase No. 1 – Start Affiliate Program

Do you know how many of the super successful internet marketers make their huge profits? They have their own affiliate program with 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of other marketers promoting their product. So if you don’t have an affiliate program for your product you are leaving a ton of cash on the table. Don’t worry if you don’t have an affiliate program and don’t have a panic attack at the thought of putting one together….it’s really pretty easy once you know how.

I’ll share to very quick ways you can start your own affiliate program, just go to either clickbank.com or paydotcom.com. These solutions have a lot of affiliates that can drive loads of extra sales to your site. Another thing is that most of the processes are fully automated which means you really spend little time messing around with the affiliate program. Some internet marketers use both of these solutions because of their unique properties and their low cost.

Easy Profit Increase No. 2 – Create An Upsell

This technique allows you to capitalize on your existing traffic by a one time website edit and you can rake in the profits at each sale. There are many ways to create an upsell. You can offer an interview with an expert from your field, include or offer a more expensive ebook or even tempt the buyer with a software application of script that would be of tremendous benefit. Remember they have their credit card out and are in the buying mood.

Easy Profit Increase No. 3 – Offer A Related Affiliate Product On The Thank You Page

You Visitor became a buyer. That means they trusted you with their credit card. You’ve become the expert. So….take advantage of their trust and tell them they also need product XYZ, and give them the affiliate link on your Thank You Page…..they will thank you 🙂 You’ll really increase your profits with this method. Many successful marketers really clean up by properly using their thank you pages. Put some thought into it and find a product that fits…don’t be afraid to try an expensive upsell on this important piece of real estate.

I just revealed to you some of the most fundamental ways of increasing your profits. The only thing left for you to do is to implement at least one of these strategies…..I guarantee that you will burst with excitement with your first upsell! So…be a good internet marketer and take action, it’s the only thing between you and more money!!

Internet Marketing is fun and profitable. The most important thing is to continually educate yourself. I belong to a membership site called Earn1KaDay that is filled with great members and mentors. You can find tools, ebooks and just about everything you need to start developing an online income.

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Using public domain works to make money is certainly a good idea; however public domain works marketing might have you a bit confused. To understand how to both make money and market public domain works, you will want to understand what public domain means.

Public domain information includes works published before 1923, which includes a whole host of literary works, government documents and the like that are still used today. For instance, Shakespeare, Ben Franklin and other famous figures’ writings are available in the public domain free for the taking. Also, any work published in the United States between 1923 and 1963 in which the copyright was not renewed is also available in the public domain.

Tons of the information available in the public domain is still used in education and daily life. Because of this, there is still a market for these works. As a result, there is a market for individuals to take the information available in the public domain and sell it for personal gain. This is not illegal and is done by many individuals and companies. In fact, there are a whole host of businesses that are dedicated to this alone. Be careful, however, to make sure the information you are using and selling is available in the public domain because if you infringe on someone’s copyright there are some stiff penalties.

There are four types of public domain information that include works that copyrights have expired on, works donated to the public domain for public use, anything printed by the government, and general forms, facts, numbers and things of this nature. As you can see, there is an incredible amount of valid information that is available online and free for the taking. However, you might be wondering how to gain access to this information in order to pack it together in a way that you can market and sell. The answer is to search, search and search some more. It might take some effort to find all you are looking for, however it is out there and all you have to do is look until you find it. When you do, it is free to use, market, and sell however you like. Compile a website, book, e-book, or any other product you might be able to sale or supply access to. This is an amazing way to make money and to use information that is free and ready to be published again. A lot of the original work has already been done, so after compiling the information, all you have to worry about is marketing your product!

Public domain works marketing and selling will be easier once you have your information compiled and know who your niche and target markets are and how to reach them. With a little effort, you will be able to make money from a product that was free to begin with and only cost a little effort and time to compile into a new and sellable product.

Paul Jesse is the owner of Shea Marketing, published author, retired government employee, private pilot, and lifetime student of Internet Marketing. He created sheamarketing.com to help those interested in working from home on the internet. http://www.sheamarketing.com

Your Public Domain Business and Aweber Autoresponder Videos

If you want to start making some money with knowledge you gain about public domain and the internet then you are going to want to set up your own website and get your own autoresponder. This is thoroughly discussed in the Public Domain Income Plan. The below autoresponder videos will give you an idea of what’s needed to set up your Aweber Autoresonder.

As you can see in the below Aweber autoresponder videos setting up an autoresponder account is fairly easy and straight forward. Of course I can say that because I’ve already worked with aweber autoresponders 🙂 Actually once you set up an Aweber Autoresponder Account, you’ll have all the help you could need. Aweber has fantastic support through their own in-house autoresponder videos and you can actually call and speak to a support person on the phone.

Why do I Need An Aweber Autoresponder

Once you set up your blog or website it is important to collect the name and email address of your visitors. Give away a free report, any shortened version of your product will help to bribe your visitor to leave their name and email address. Then set up a series of messages in your autoresponder as shown in the autoresponder videos. These messages can contain a link to promote any of your products or affiliate products. However, the most important thing is to collect those names and email addresses and start building a list.

Trust me, watch the Aweber Autoresponder Videos …..learn how to use the system to start building a list and you can enter any market online and sell any product or service. This concept fits ideally with a Public Domain Business since the wealth of material spans the entire universe of marketable products and/or services.

Aweber Autoresponder Videos

The Basics Of “Aweber” For An Autoresponder

How to use Aweber Auto Responder

aweber autoresponder web form

How to Add Emails to Aweber autoresponder

Start a Business Using Public Domain Material

Start a Business Using Public Domain Material

One of the most fun and exciting parts about working with public domain and using public domain works to make money is finding and uncovering new sources for public domain works.

Everybody likes free and that’s part of the attraction when working with public domain sources. And finding a new public domain source can be a lot of fun. In fact you can spend hours on a new public domain source even if it only has a couple of links.

That’s because one public domain link leads to another public domain link and it becomes like a rabbit hole that you can get lost in.

I found one of those old public domain sources, this fellow doesn’t upgrade it and it looks like its been around for 10 years or so, but there is a good link for christian public domain stuff, some great government sites that are in the public domain and a nice list of sources for public domain links having to do with literature…..and a lot more.

A lot of the links are dead…..but the ones that are left I’ve not seen before. Most of the hard work in public domain is turning up these resources. If you want a great resource that will show you how to make money with public domain materials and give up a ton of great sources click on Public Domain Workbook! and Public Domain Income Plan

Here’s the link to that I talked above about Public Domain Sources.